Saturday, April 21, 2012

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Jon plays softball in a church league with some of his friends on Monday nights. Most of the games are past Gray's bedtime, but when a 6:30 game-time came up we knew we wanted to go cheer on Daddy!

Our future baseball player

Funny side note: For months now, Gray has been laughing every time Jon swings his bat in the house. Literally...every swing. Even when he first started laughing, swinging the bat would get him every time. When we were at Jon's game, I had Gray facing me in the stands, but then turned him around to face the field when Jon was up. I was talking and all the sudden heard Gray chuckle. For the rest of the game, he laughed at every batter. It was too funny!!!

Oh and I can hardly stand him in his big boy baseball hat. It makes him look like such a big boy...tear.

The next week, I had the honor of cheering on the most adorable Red Sox player in town. Jon and Gray had to stay home because Gray was sick, but I wouldn't have missed it. It was so cute watching him in action. I have no doubt that this kid is going to be a star athlete!!! Seriously...he's so good!

Cole started out the game as catcher. So cute! And this little Red Sox fan was adorable, yet not impressed...Ha!

I mean look at his form. I'm just saying. 

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