Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lindsay Visits!!!!!

The last weekend in March, we had the great honor of welcoming a very special guest to our home. LINDSAY came in town for a visit and we were all super excited! Gray definitely loves his "aunt" Lindsay and I'm pretty sure Lindsay feels the same way:)

A little welcome basket for Lindsay on her bed with some of her favorite things and a few extra susses
Gray and I picked Lindsay up from the airport and we headed straight to uptown to meet Kay for lunch. Gray had a great time hanging with the girls and his mama had the best time!!!! After lunch we made a quick stop at Northpark and made our way home before we got stuck in too much traffic. Jon grabbed some wine, pizza and salad and we enjoyed a night in catching up and playing with the little guy.

This is how excited Gray was to see that Lindsay was still here when she woke up the next morning!

When we finally got going for the day, we had lunch in downtown McKinney and shopped around a bit. Then I took Lindsay to one of my favorite cupcake shops in downtown Frisco...Dimples. So yummy. WE might or might not have taste tested several different flavors!

 Then another quick stop at the mall before we met Jon for some Mexican food. Gray is posing with his first pair of Sperry's...they are ridiculous!!!!

Lindsay always wants Mexican when she visits and who can blame her. Chicago might be cool, but it doesn't know much about Tex-Mex.

Gray sporting Daddy's Ray-bans

Saturday we had coffee with Rachel and then went to get mani-pedi's while Jon watched Gray. After some more R&R we got ready and met my family at Splitesville for some good old fashioned bowling.

 Gray's face in this picture!!!

More mexican for dinner. Another nice night perfect for the patio. I love this picture of Campbell showing Gray her Snow White.

Tried to get Miss Priss to smile with me for a picture with her bow in my hair, but per usual...she was way too cool for me!

We had the best time with our special visitor. I don't know who was more sad to see her go, me or Gray. Thanks Lindsay for spending the weekend with us. We LOVED having you and can't wait to see you again soon!!! Love you!!!!!

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  1. The best weekend! Thank you for being such wonderful hosts..wish I could see you and that little button, baby Gray every day! Love you all!! xoxo