Wednesday, April 18, 2012

crossed and crinkled

Lately I have noticed when Gray is playing on the floor with his toys he has his ankles crossed 90% of the time. It's so sweet. He actually does it in his car seat and sometimes while he's chillin in the stroller. When we were looking back at pictures for his birthday, I realized he's an ankle crosser from way back. Even as an itty-bitty he's been quite proper...ha! I just love his chunky legs and fat feet!!!


Also, a few months ago he starting making a new face. He crinkles up his nose and actually breathes air through and out really fast. It's hilarious. Now, even if he's not breath breathing in and out through his nose like an animal, he will simply give us the crinkle nose. It's too funny. What a sweet, silly boy!

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