Friday, January 20, 2012

CHRISTmas Part 3

We've finally reached the end of Christmas day. 

We left my parents, dropped Bear back home, grabbed our second round of family gifts and made our way to the Bailey's at 4. Gray also made a wardrobe change. And of course, more pictures followed:

Excited to see his Mickey after the car ride!

The grand kids 

Gray loving his Aunt Kim

I LOVE this picture...LOVE. Lucky boy with his super cool uncle Josh and Aunt Kim

Sweet Everley having a ball

Cruse giving Jon his best special forces face...too cute!!!!

And CHECK THIS OUT!!!! Mimi and PaPa surprised Gray with his first motorized car! It's kind of a tradition. They get every grandchild a car for their first Christmas, no matter their age. Doesn't he look so stinking cute behind the wheel?!?! If you look closely at the front of the car, you can see they had Lightning McQueen changed to Ligntning McGray!!!!! There's a GB on the front and you can't see it but they put his name on the back and just really made it SO SPECIAL!!!! 

Thank you Randy and Nancy for an amazing Christmas evening! Great food, fun, gifts and family time!

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