Tuesday, January 24, 2012

9 Months

Everyone says time flies. A friend has always told me that a baby’s first 6 months move at a normal pace, time may even seem to slow down, but when 6 months hits…watch out! It goes by in a blink. I am finding my friend to be spot on.

I can’t believe you’re 9 months. (I’m super late in writing this so you’re actually almost 10 months) CRAZY! You are into everything, “talking” up a storm and showing that personality more and more every day. I just can’t get enough of this face:

You had many firsts this month:

*First time having your friends Madeleine and Luke over. (You weren’t the best host…you slept the whole time)
*First time inside Starbucks with mom and Rachel. (You have been through the drive-thru many, many   times)
*First Christmas
*First time to Perry’s Steakhouse for dad’s company party
*First New Year’s Eve
*First Baptism celebration with Madeleine and Luke

You still only have your 2 bottom front teeth. I’m sure more are coming soon. You chew on everything! You sleep from about 7-7:30 to 6:30-7. You take 2 naps, sometimes 3. You are still nursing 5 times a day. You love your baby food. You eat fruit in the morning, veggie in the afternoon and some meat/veggie combo in the evening.

You still spit up a couple times a day, but not nearly as much as you used to. It’s been nice to see progress in this area….for you and mama:)

You still wear size 3 diapers and 6-12 month clothes!

You LOVE sitting up and playing with your toys on the floor. Your favorite things to play with are your blocks, activity table, Jerry the giraffe, Mickey and your computer. You still LOVE your jumperoo and exersaucer and can bounce and play in them forever.

You roll around, but haven’t shown any signs of crawling yet. Dr. G isn’t concerned, but suggested to be proactive we should have you evaluated so they can show us some activities we can do with you to strengthen your gross motor skills. Mama has to remember not to worry. You were 2 months premature and you’re still catching up!

Your 9-month stats:

Weight: 17 lbs 11 oz   (10%)
Height: 27 in   (25%)
Head: 17 in   (10%)

I can’t believe the next time we see Dr. G is your ONE YEAR check up!!!  I love watching you grow and learn, but I’m not ready for you to be a big boy yet. I guess that’s why parents always tell their kids they’ll always be their baby. Okay, now I have Mariah Carey’s song in my head.

Gray, my big 9-month-old. We love you and are so proud of you. You are the greatest, cutest, happiest, most adorable BABY in the whole world!!!!


  1. Hey little one! You are SO precious. Don't grow too much until March when I get to see your sweet smiley face. xoxo

  2. Our twins were 2 months premature and didn't crawl until they were about a year old. It is hard not to worry, but don't sweat it. He is gorgeous~