Sunday, January 29, 2012

Thankful for Shaun's photo skills

Before I get back to posting currents happenings around the Bailey household, I had to post the pictures our friend and AMAZING photographer Shaun took of Gray and our family before Christmas. These were taken the week of Thanksgiving (so I could use them for our Christmas card) which means Gray was 7 months. He's changed so much! Shaun did a GREAT job. So great that I'm still having a hard time choosing which pictures I want to blow up and frame in our house! Thanks Shaun for fitting us into your busy schedule and capturing our family so beautifully! Here are some of my favorites:

We used this picture on the back of our Christmas card. I will set this picture out every Christmas. It makes me so happy! L-O-V-E!!!!!!

I saw a picture on pinterest with parents kissing their baby, smooching his cheeks and thought it was too cute. This is our attempt to recreate it. Look at the progression of Gray's facial expressions.
Cracks me up!

It was pretty cold outside. Jon wrapped a blanket around me and Gray while he went to pull up the car when we were finished. Shaun snapped this last shot. Sweet baby. 

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  1. These are STUNNING, friend. What a sweet and beautiful family..such a special gift from Shaun. I love them and you all very much!