Saturday, January 14, 2012

CHRISTmas Part 1

I decided to break my Christmas post into 3 parts. We have so many pictures and too many good ones not to share! First, I'll start with Christmas morning at our house. Jon and I had TOO MUCH fun with Gray on his first Christmas. Having a baby in the house on Christmas morning was so precious and magical. We felt blessed. Our Lord, Jesus Christ brought joy through pain, life after death and His LOVE heals. How grateful we are for His birth, life and death on the cross. How grateful we are for His grace, mercy and unfailing LOVE. 

Here are a few things Santa brought Gray!

Helping Gray go through his stocking was probably my favorite moment of the entire day. The first thing I pulled out was a little Mickey Mouse. His reaction was priceless. We caught it on video and I'm so glad we did!!!! He just started watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse a few weeks before Christmas and LOVES it. So I knew I wanted to get him his first Mickey Mouse for Christmas. Little Mickey is by far his FAVORITE Christmas gift. He lights up every time he sees it!

Gray's second favorite thing he got Christmas morning were these soft blocks. They were recommended to me from my friend Michelle...shout out...and she was spot on. He loves playing with these and chews on them constantly.

Bear cleaned up this year too! Here he is enjoying one of his big bones.

Jon sporting his onesie jammies!

Gray busy working on his new laptop. 

Gray took time out of his busy work schedule to help me open some of my presents. (Me in my onesie Jon picked out for me!)
Love these pictures of Gray sitting on his new puppy chair!!!!

As you can see, we went a little over board on toys for Gray this year. We just couldn't help ourselves. We were definitely more excited than he was considering he had no idea what was going on, but it was worth it. We loved every minute of our morning together!

These are a few pics Jon took before we headed over to my parents house for Christmas Part 2...stay tuned!

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