Saturday, December 17, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree

Thanksgiving week, Gray and I met Jon after work to pick out our Christmas tree!!!! We picked it out early this year so it could be delivered the morning after Thanksgiving. We decided to have our tree delivered this year for several reasons. 1. So Jon wouldn't throw his back out bringing it in the house by himself and 2. So our marriage would remain intact. Something about picking a tree out and the stress of fitting it in or on top of the car and getting it in the house can really dampen your Christmas spirit. A small delivery fee seemed like a no brainer.

Here we are with our jolly little helper picking out the perfect tree!

Gray was pretty excited about this one...SOLD

Daddy mimicking Gray and what we lovingly call his "Randy Eyes". Jon's dad Randy has big, beautiful, very expressive blue eyes...and they only get bigger the more excited he gets!

I grew up with a real, flocked tree. We both like green and white, so we settled on a lightly flocked noble fir. We love it and love the way it makes the house smell!





Jon always does a great job putting the lights on


This year he had a very special helper

I just realized I don't have a picture of the tree in all its festive Christmas be continued.


  1. Darling DARLING post! I must admit that the "Randy Eyes" are my favorite! :)

  2. adorable... and i am SHOCKED ... i totally thought your tree was fake. Why? because it looked all too PERFECT to be REAL --- b.e.a.utiful =)