Thursday, December 22, 2011

8 months of joy

You have changed so much this month. I feel like you’re slowly starting to transition into a little boy. Now don’t get me wrong, you are still very much a baby and I want to cling to that as long as possible, but you’re definitely getting bigger. You’re sitting up strong, your personality is really coming out and you are so much more expressive. I LOVE this age!

I love to watch you play. You either play with serious intent or destructive excitement. One of your favorite things to do is jump and play in your Jumperoo. The best is watching your little legs. It looks like you’re doing jumping-jacks from the waist down….so cute!

You love your Sophie giraffe (who we renamed Jerry) and a little stuffed duck of Smith’s that makes a sweet jingle. You light up, smile and squeal when you see them.  You still like your piano and are looking forward to some new bigger boy toys this Christmas.

You also love:
-Playing with your feet
-Staring at your hand
-Bath time
-Sitting like a big boy in the shopping cart at the grocery store

You are ticklish under your arms, belly and thighs. We LOVE to make you laugh. Daddy makes you laugh all the time. The most random thing you laugh at is when dad swings his baseball bat. Jon was practicing his swing for his softball game one night and you just started cracking up. Now, it never fails. One swing of the bat gets you giggling.

After mom and dad, Bear is definitely your favorite. You get so excited when Bear gets close to you. You love watching him run around and always want to know where he is when you’re eating in your highchair. When we get home from being out, I will sit you up right outside Bear’s crate before opening it. You start kicking your legs, smiling and cooing. When I let him out you reach and reach for him.  I’m not sure the feeling is mutual. I would say Bear likes you, but love would probably be taking it too farJ

Some things you don’t like:
-Getting your nose sucked
-Waiting for pretty much anything
-Having your face wiped after you eat
-The sun shining in your face

You’re still in size 3 diapers. Everything you wear now pretty much has to be 6-12 months. You’re getting so long and have a serious tummy working! I can’t wait to get your official stats next month.

You are still nursing every feeding and love your baby food. You have fruit in the morning, a veggie around lunchtime and some sort of “meat” combo in the evening.

You’re still a good sleeper overall. You’ve had a few rough patches, but are getting back on track. Dr. G said you probably have a little separation anxiety at night. Before if you woke up in the night a little upset, I could just put your pacifier back in and rub your back and you would go back to sleep. Recently, when you would wake up and realize I’m not there, you would freak out. And going in to try to sooth you made it worse! Thankfully after only one major cry-it-out routines, you are back to your sleepy ways….sleeping around 11 hours at night with 2-3 naps during the day. Praise God!

Many FIRSTS happened in your 8th month:

*You’re sitting up GREAT now, totally unassisted. So you were definitely ready to eat in your highchair!!! You love looking around and hitting the tray.

*You took your first plane ride and were the perfect little traveler. I hated the reason we were flying, but I couldn’t have been more proud of you. Even the flight attendants and other passengers were commenting on how good you were and they never heard a peep from you!

*You got your FIRST TOOTH and the second is on its way. The front bottom two teeth.

*You celebrated your first Thanksgiving

*You met SANTA!

*You went to your big cousin’s, Cade & Cruse’s, birthday party

We love you so much baby boy!!! 

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