Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Playing Catch Up: Part 1

Before I start with what I assume will be MANY Christmas posts, I thought I should catch up on some events/cute pics of the little man from the last few months. 

So first...our annual trip to the State Fair of Texas. This was obviously Gray's first time and if you rate his enjoyment by his relaxation/sleep level...he LOVED it! He was awake for the walk in, a quick Fletcher's corny dog and walk into the car show. Then he ate and slept the entire rest of the way!!!

While Gray slept, Jon and I indulged! My favorites are the freshly squeezed lemonade, fried chocolate covered strawberries and new this year...the Fried Autumn Pumpkin Pie!!!!

By FAR my favorite thing we did at the fair was get a cartoon drawing of our family done. I LOVE it SO MUCH and plan to hang it in Gray's play date one day!!!!!

Finally, here is Gray, wide awake just in time for the wait at valet for our car in the parking lot! He had a great time.

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