Friday, June 3, 2011

Goodbye Hospital

May 11, 2011 was the day we finally busted out of the hospital for good. Between my 8 weeks on bed rest and Gray's 4 week NICU stay, we had been at the hospital for 84 DAYS and it was time to say a very joyful goodbye!

Here's a pic of Gray's stats board in his pod...our home away from home. The day we brought him home, he official made it to 5 pounds!!! I love that the precious NICU staff took his footprints a few times over the course of his stay. 

Here we are getting Gray dressed to bring him home. I had to scrounge around our house for something to fit my tiny little guy. He's still wearing preemie onesies (at 7 weeks) so needless to say all my options 3 weeks ago were huge! I ended up picking a sweet little sailboat onesie his Uncle Josh and Aunt Kim bought him. There were no pants that would even come close to fitting, so his tiny white socks and blankets would have to do.

Proud parents and one of our favorite nurses, Amy. We requested her to be our nurse for Gray's discharge. She was so sweet, easy going, helpful and most importantly loved our little guy. Not being able to take care of my baby for 4 weeks was so hard. I hated the thought of different people taking care of him all the time and worrying if they were sweet to him and comforted him when he cried, but I always felt better when I would come in the mornings and see that Amy was his nurse that day. She took great care of both of us!

I couldn't believe the day was finally here. I was going home with my baby boy. Words can't begin to express the love, honor and pure joy I felt knowing soon we would be home with Gray and could finally start our lives together as a family. My baby boy was coming home.

Tiny 5 pounder and his big boy beanie!

Gray's first time out of his pod! Walking out of those NICU doors was the most incredible answer to prayer. We were beyond thankful, relieved and excited!!!

Secured in the car and ready to go HOME!

Gray and his tiger...oblivious to the big day's events. Just doing what he does best...sleeping!

Officially home. Oh sweet, sweet day!


  1. he's awesome. y'all look great, kori. wonderful, wonderful!!

  2. I hate it when anonymous, random people leave random comments on my blog, but I absolutely had to comment on this post (BTW, I found your blog through the friend of a friend of a friend of my husband's from college... it's like 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon for blogging). Anyway, the joy on your face in this picture is incredible. If they could bottle that emotion up and sell it, it would be priceless. Your sons are gorgeous, both the one here on earth and the one with our Father in heaven. I know it's been a year since little Gray here came home, but congrats!