Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Mother of all Mother's Days!


Mother's Day 2011 was a day I will never forget! We had a busy day planned. Bright and early we got up and starting getting ready for a sweet day of celebrating my cherished new role as mom and all the other wonderful mom's in our lives. Before we set out for the hospital for our 9AM touch time with Gray, Jon set up a beautiful Mother's Day display on our coffee table. This sweet balloon (which believe it or not is STILL inflated as we speak) was tied to my favorite...hydrangeas! He had a card and gift sitting out and the Bible turned to a special passage in Psalms. As we ate the yummy pancakes he made, he read the touching passage from Psalms. Then it was time for me to open my card. It was so funny because the card was a fake out. He only wrote Happy Mother's Day, we love you and after I said thank you, he pulled out a long, typed letter he had written to me. He knows how much I love heartfelt words. If guys could just always remember that, they could save themselves a lot of money. After our special morning together, it was time to love on my baby boy! Nothing Jon could have done would have topped the gift I was going to receive at the hospital!!!

Here I am with my little munchkin! Mother & Son!!!!

Right as we got there our nurse told us how great Gray was doing. That's when she rocked our world. She said she wouldn't be surprised if he went home that week!!! We couldn't believe it! We kept saying, "Seriously?!?" Gray wasn't even 36 weeks yet. We thought for sure he would be there another few weeks, but when the doctor came to see him, he confirmed that if everything kept going well, he would get to go home that Wednesday! It was shocking. We went from thinking he would still be in the hospital for at least 2 more weeks, to a good chance he would get to come home in 3 days! What an amazing Mother's Day morning!!!! I was just 3 short days away from taking my baby boy HOME!!! Praise God!!!!!!! Thankful, grateful, honored, blessed, overjoyed!

Our next stop on our busy day was to my parents house. Jon and I were on cloud 9 and couldn't believe we would soon be a family. Together. The entire drive to Prosper we talked about all the things we had to get done in 3 short days!

We had a delicious brunch at my parents and spent a few hours hanging out and celebrating my mom! They couldn't believe the news that Gray was coming home! It was the amazing gift that kept giving.

After wrapping it up at my parents, we headed back to the hospital for our 3PM touch time. We were super excited because this was the first time we got to give Gray a bath! We did the usual...took his temperature, changed his diaper and started to get him undressed when Jon realized they had taken out his feeding tub!!!!! YAY!!! It was the first time we had seen our sweet baby's face free of tubs and tape. he had some red marks from the removal of the tap, but he was beautiful. To see that precious face pure and free melted my heart. I could feel he was getting closer to being all mine. Healthy, strong and whole.

Then it was bath time! He had to be wrapped up while in the water to keep him as warm as possible. Jon took some video to capture the sweet moment. He seemed to like it...especially when I shampooed his hair. I told him I love for people to wash my hair too!

It was so different saying goodbye to him that day. We said goodbye knowing in a few short days we would never have to be apart from him again. We would never have to leave him again. Soon, he would be ALL ours. We couldn't stop smiling.

The last stop of the day/night was at Shannon and Jared's. There we ate Mexican food, talked, celebrated Nancy, ate yummy dessert and homemade ice cream outside and watched Nancy open her Mother's Day and Birthday presents. The Bailey clan was just as thrilled as the Kaufman side to hear the exciting news that Gray's homecoming was just days away!

So there you have it. I couldn't have asked for a greater gift this Mother's Day. My baby was healthy and would soon be in my arms for good and no one could take him away. 

Gray Comes coming soon! 

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