Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Eve!
Yes, I am still trying to finish up my Christmas posts....Don't judge.

Christmas eve started out with Jon and I lounging around with house, drinking coffee and listening to Christmas music. We watched Home Alone (one of our favorites) and finished wrapping presents before it was time to go over to my parents house. But before we left, we exchanged the only gift we open on Christmas Eve...Christmas Jammies!

After we changed into our Christmas jammies, which are really just new pj's...there's usually nothing too Christmasy about them, we headed to my parents for some Christmas cheer/competition! This year, I had the idea for us to partake in a friendly Gingerbread House making contest. Each couple was set up with the proper supplies: graham crackers, icing, peppermints, gumdrops, liquorish, m&ms, coconut, red hots, etc. and cute bases in festive wrapping paper to build on.

Then it was time to get to work. We set a time limit and when Jon asked for a pen and paper to sketch our house while everyone else started building right away, I knew we were never going to finish in time. We went roughly an hour overtime and didn't even get to finish decorating before dinner, but our house did dominate! We made an actual mini replica of OUR house! The competition disqualified us for going overtime (they were just jealous) and it was actually quite tiring, but we had so much fun!!!

Our house finally built before we started decorating

Lyric and RT's house. SO CUTE! It even makes an M for Muir and I love the peppermint chimney...leave it to my creative sister!

My parents struggled and had a few creative differences, but I still think it's cute. They were cracking up the whole time:)

Our final product. I wish we didn't spend so much time building it so we could have had more time to decorate, but it looks darn good to me! It's crazy how much it really does look like our house!!!

Some sisterly prego pics!
Me: 16 weeks
Lyric: 27 weeks

After making gingerbread houses, eating and taking some fun family pictures in our Christmas jammies, we ended the night making smores outside with the fireplace on the patio. It was freezing and we didn't last long, but it's always fun to bundle up, taking turns getting a spot by the fire to toast your marshmallow and make the perfect Christmas smore!

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  1. love it...may have to steal the gingerbread competition idea... too much fun and the belly pics ADORABLE! Miss you guys