Saturday, October 10, 2009

Road Trip to East Texas

A few weeks ago (I'm so behind) we traveled across east Texas for the weekend. Our first stop was in Nacadoches to visit Jon's Mama!

After spending some time with Mama, we were off to Marshall. We got to Ray and Terri's (Jon's Aunt and Uncle) at around midnight and crashed. We had been in the car for roughly 6 hours and were beat!

The next morning we enjoyed coffee and cinnamon rolls with the fam, put on our Sunday best (not really) and jumped in the car yet again to travel to Jon's other grandparents church in Shreveport, more specifically Belcher...Yes, I said Belcher, TX! It was a special celebration Sunday. Jon's grandparents, George and Gerri Bailey were celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary, 60 years in the ministry and I think 12 or 13 years at Belcher Baptist Church!!!

After church, one of their members welcomed us into their home so we could hang out for a while before the reception the church was having that afternoon.

While we were relaxing, Randy and Nancy presented a lovely scrapbook they had put together for the big occasion. It was so fun looking at all the old pictures and listening to them reminisce.

(The picture to the left of the one being pointed to is Jon's grandfather as a little boy...the spitting image of Jon as a boy!!!)

(Random, but beautiful Jon pic)

Off to the reception...

It was a jam-packed weekend filled with lots of driving, but the best part was it was filled with lots of family!!!

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