Saturday, September 26, 2009

Grilling and Game Night!

A few weeks ago, Jon and I had friends over for burgers, games and ice cream sundaes! After a week straight of rain, the sun came out just in time for our get together.

I made a few dips and this yummy homemade cherry limeade I got from a friends blog. The ice cubes are made with a cherry and sprite...cute and smart! Your drink will never get watered down!

Before firing up the grill, the boys played Bag-O in the backyard while the rest of us chilled on the patio.
Look at these precious mommies-to-be!!! Jaime and Michelle are 2 weeks apart. Grace (Zach and Jaime's baby) is due November 28th and Katelyn (Seth and Michelle's baby) is scheduled to come into the world December 15th. I can't wait to meet these sweet baby girls!!!

Jon and David in the kitchen. Burgers and homemade fries coming up!
After everyone finished eating, it was BINGO time!

The big winners of the night were Seth, David and Jaime. And I will add that Jon is quite the announcer!!!

Finally, we ended the night with homemade ice cream sundaes!

I love this last picture of Michelle! She knew exactly what she wanted in her sundae (probably the pregnancy talking) and I assisted. The concoction consisted of several layers of vanilla ice cream, bananas and caramel, topped with a generous squirt of whipped cream. She didn't want to be in any more pictures, so she hid behind the counter while I clicked away!

Thanks for coming over gang! We'll have to do it again soon!!!

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