Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Baby Shower Bliss

On October 3rd, I had the honor of attending my friend Jaime's baby shower! Kim (Jaime's sister), hosted a beautiful shower and we all had a fabulous time talking, eating & oohhing and aahhing over the most precious baby girl outfits and accessories! If you've heard me say it once, you've heard me say it 1,000 times...I LOVE baby showers!!! Here are some pictures from Jaime's special day:
The Decor

Kim, Jaime & their mom Debbie

The Guests
The Moms-be-be...Aren't they adorable?
Game Time!
We played 3 great shower games and I was the lucky winner of game 1. Kim had a long ribbon cut and you had to guess how big around Jaime's tummy was and mark the ribbon with your initials. It's had to tell because the ribbon in reversed, but my initials, KLB lined up exactly!!!

Present Time
My mom got Jaime her Diaper Gennie and this sweet outfit. The picture doesn't do it justice!
I found this "gown" and fabulous bow in Canton and had to have them!
The Loot
Baby Grace is expected to make her big debut on November 28, but my prediction is she'll be here the beginning of Thanksgiving week! I'm so excited to meet this precious baby girl! One thing is for sure, she's a lucky girl to have such a sweet momma!

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