Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Kaufman Pumpkin Carving 2009

Two weekends ago, we went over to my parents on Sunday to watch the Cowboys and eat dinner as usual. However, this Sunday had a theme...Halloween! I know it was a tad early, but Jon and I are out of town 2 weekends this month, so October 11 was the day.

Before I get to the pumpkin carving, let me first point out that I made the most delicious pumpkin cupcakes with homemade cream cheese icing for a festive treat. I got the recipe from one of my Real Simple magazines...my favorite!!! They were really easy to make, so if anyone wants the recipe, let me know :)

And now...to the pumpkins!

Apparently pumpkin carving freaks Cole out!

Drum Roll Please......

Meet our pumpkin Herman
Jon did a great job carving Herman, our sweet Frankenstein

Here's a group shot. Herman, my parents Gramps and MiMi pumpkin and Lyric and RT's Mickey Mouse! Everyone did a great job.

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  1. naturally I love it ! We are carving Saturday so I will have to see if Faith gets scared too!

    PS-love those real simple cupcakes, though we didn't use the recipe, just our own box and tub of frosting.. .Faith insisted we make them after finding the picture in Real Simple