Sunday, September 20, 2009

Playing Catch-Up

This post is SOOOO late!!! As the title says...I'm playing catch up. Shannon's B-Day was at the end of August and we celebrated at the Bailey's the first Friday night in September. (I'm late, I know.) We enjoyed Nancy's home cooking, cake, presents and celebrating Shannon! As you can see below, Jon made himself and Cade cool tissue paper hats to wear at the table. Cade got a kick out of it and still looked adorable as usual. Jon scared me a little. After chatting at the dinner table for a while after the festivities, Jon called me into the playroom. Nancy kept a ton of the old puzzles Jon, Josh, Shannon and Jeremy used to play with when they were little. Jon was so excited to see them and pointed out his favorites. Then he lined them up so I could take a picture of his memories. I love that Nancy saved these. It was so fun to watch Jon reminisce.

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