Sunday, September 13, 2009

Crazy About Paisley!

Last night, Kim and I had a blast singing our hearts out at the Brad Paisley concert! Jon and Josh aren't big county music fans, but Kim and I are country fans through and through. So...when we heard Brad Paisley was coming to Dallas we knew we HAD to be there.

The only downer was he was playing at Superpages, formerly known as Smirnoff, which I think was formerly known as Starplex. It's not my favorite place to see concerts now that we have American Airline Center because it's outside, not in the greatest part of town and a nightmare to get to. Add the fact that it was raining and took us an hour and 1/2 to get there! However, when we finally got there, and made it to our seats, we were HAPPY CAMPERS!!!

Our seats were GREAT! Dirks Bentley opened for Brad, which was a treat. I knew Dirks Bentley, but didn't realize I knew all his songs. It's fun when you actually know the songs of the opening act! Then it was time for Brad Paisley and he did not disappoint!!! Here are some pictures from the concert: (I was bummed b/c I didn't want to bring our good camera in case it was pouring down rain, but I think my little digital camera held its own...check it out)

Isn't his paisley printed guitar cool?!?!
When he sang "Celebrity" there was video of this cute old man and Taylor Swift playing against each other on Guitar Hero!

"I'm Still a Guy" was back dropped with traditional camo, until the last verse and it turned to pink. If you know the song, you'll get it.
"I'd Sure Like to Check you for Ticks!!!"
"I'm So Much Cooler Online"
"Welcome to the Future"
And probably my favorite (besides "She's Everything to Me)...
I like all kinds of music, but country is my true love. And I say, if you don't like country, not only are you completely missing out on life, but you're CRAZY!

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