Friday, May 8, 2009

Under the Knife...Laser

Goodbye glasses. Farewell contacts. Today, Jon woke up to a blurry world. Tomorrow, he will SEE the world clearly. He will SEE without the aid of contacts that irritate and dry out his eyes, or glasses that get in the way of sports, napping and remain permanently dirty.

Jon got Lasik!

After waiting at Carter Eye Center for 3 hours, they took him back for his 10 minute procedure and just like that, his eyes are like new. I have a bizarre phobia of the eye doctor and anything eyeball related really. When they finally took him back, I prayed and prayed, and before I knew it, he was walking with the nurse to an examination room. I'm so thankful and relieved everything went well! In the exam room, someone put in the tear duct plugs (there's a technical name that escapes me now) he needed for his dry eyes. My stomach flipped and became quite uneasy. I couldn't watch. But after the creepy plug thing, I was out the door with my cute little patient.

Jon has had these clear "shields" on his eyes all afternoon/night and I have been waking him up every 2 hours for his next round of eye drops. He's suppose to keep his eyes closed as much as possible. They said he can open them to use the restroom (good call) and eat. While we were at the table, he said he could read a sign I have in our kitchen a good distance away from where he was sitting...Crazy! I think he'll be able to tell a huge difference tomorrow morning when he wakes up after a good nights rest.

Here's the last picture you'll see of Jon Bailey with glasses!!!

His eyes were a little sensitive driving to the appointment, so here he is with my sunglasses over his glasses. Nice!

Signing his "eyes" away

I didn't want to bother his eyes with the flash, so I took this picture on my iPhone...I couldn't resist. (He gave me permission)

I'll post the new Jon tomorrow! He can actually drive himself to his follow-up appointment tomorrow. The whole thing blows my mind. I'm just happy he made it successfully through the procedure and I didn't throw up!

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  1. Congratulations to Jon! Peter is SO jealous, but happy for him!