Tuesday, May 12, 2009

No More 4 Eyes!

As promised, here's the after picture of Jon...post Lasik. He went for his check up Saturday morning and was told he has 20+ vision! (I never knew 20/15 was perfect. I always thought it was 20/20...learn something new everyday!) So basically, he's somewhere between 20/20 and 20/15!!!

He is so excited! He can see the clock when he wakes up in the morning, can lie on his side on the couch with no thought of his glasses, read a book, look at his computer and so much more with his own eyes...all natural!

The only downside for me is that his eyes have crazy blood red spots on them from the procedure. The doctor said they're like bruises and will go away in a couple weeks. Some people get them, some people don't. Lucky for me, the eyeaphobe, Jon has some pretty nasty red blotches on his eyeballs and it's hard for me to look at him right in the eyes. Oohh. It creeps me out just writing about it.

The downside for Jon is the million drops a day he has to take and the sticky tape that leaves a yucky residue on his face from where he has to tape down the shields when he sleeps. He REALLY hates that tape!
But, other that those minor issues, annoyances really, the procedure was a success and Jon is like a new man! He waited to cute his hair and trim his beard until the day after his surgery to make his transformation more elaborate.

I'm only posting this picture because Jon thought it was cool. I personally think he looks like a serial killer, but whatever.

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