Monday, April 6, 2009

Quite the Horticulturists

As previously mentioned, Saturday Jon and I were up to our eyeballs in plants, bushes and trees. We left the house around 10AM, grabbed some breakfast and paid Shades of Green another visit. It was super windy and cold, but the place was packed. Jon had already sketched out his plans for Phase I of the beds in the backyard, which made things pretty easy. He did warn me that he was going to get pretty crazy and he was right!!! I wish I would have taken some pictures of the carts we had lined up outside. We made our own little train. I have to give a shout out to Josh and Kim for letting us borrow one of their SUV's! It was a lifesaver! We made one trip with their car and then I drove Jon's car while he took Josh's car back for trip #2. Once we got everything unloaded, it was time to Rock & Roll.


Phase I

Our new little friends

While Jon started hacking up the beds and putting down some composed, which smelled like Old McDonald and his crew moved next door, I was busy doing this...

I know, I know. But I only sat there for a few minutes until I was off to work!

This picture doesn't do my hard work justice. I was sweating up and storm digging the holes for my little section. This was my first time to help with the planting/gardening process and I really enjoyed being a part of the transformation. It felt almost refreshing to get my hands dirty and partake in some serious manual labor.

Jon and I would probably still be out there planting away if it wasn't for Mr. Bailey, the Horticulturist King himself! Randy was a HUGE help and even more importantly, it was just fun to have him there!

Around 4:15PM, Randy and I called it quits to get ready for Cade's T-Ball game. Jon insisted on staying to finish up. He was on a mission! When I called him at 7PM, he was STILL outside working his little booty off! When my man puts his mind to something, he's not messing around!!!

This is my little section...I'm so proud!!!

The Magnolia Tree and Crape Myrtle make a huge difference! My personal favorites are the Double Knock-Out Rose Bushes! (I picked those out by the way!)Double Knock-Outs!

As an added bonus, these pink flowers we planted in some of our pots came back from last year!

It was a lot of work and we still have some potato vines to plant, but we did it! 98% of Phase I is complete.

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