Sunday, April 5, 2009

My Favorite New Sporting Event...

After spending all morning/day outside working on our backyard (before and after pictures to come...) I jumped in for a much needed shower, got ready and headed out to cheer Cade on at his FIRST T-BALL GAME! ( While Jon finished up the work at home). I knew it was going to be cute to watch a bunch of 5-year-olds running around the field, but I had NO idea!!! Words cannot do it justice. It was too much! Their little uniforms, the helmets they had to wear when they were "at bat" that were WAY too big for their little heads and the fact they pretty much had no idea what they were doing was PRICELESS!
Cade owned it though. He was sporting that uniform like a pro. His Oakley sunglasses and wrist bands gave him a serious edge! And not only did he look the part, he played GREAT! He played a little Short Stop, Third Base and Right Field. If the ball came close to him (or anywhere in his vicinity) he would run up, grab the ball and RUN it over to first base!!! It was so freaking cute! None of the kids really threw the ball. They would just run it to the nearest base. He also hit the ball like a champ! I think he's going to make an awesome baseball player some day. He was focused, hustled, had good form and looked so stinking cute...All things that make up a great athlete right? Ha. Here's a few action shots of the athlete himself...

Ready at Short Stop

Headed Up to Bat

Pause for a quick pic

Look at that Form! Elbow up and everything!!!

Safe on 1st! No one gets out, everyone makes it to Home Base and they don't keep score. It's all about fundamentals!
Cruse was a happy camper watching Bubba play...The Skittles he was devouring didn't hurt either!

Chillin' in the dugout!

I mean he not the CUTEST?

Listening to the Coach

Walking with his proud mama and daddy!!!

Thanks for inviting me to your game Cade! I wouldn't have missed it for the world!!!

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  1. It was SO stinkin' cute!!!! And, I loved spending some time with you! :) Love ya!