Monday, April 6, 2009

Take Me Out to the Ballgame...

Today, HISTORY was made. In the 24 YEARS my dad has been a Texas Rangers Season Ticket Holder, my mom, sister and I have NEVER been invited to Opening Day...NEVER. Last year Jon and RT experienced the honor. Our husbands were even chosen over us and we're flesh and blood!!! You see...Opening Day has always followed a "No Girls Allowed" policy...until yesterday! Yesterday my dad broke all the rules and I'm so glad he did!!! We had the BEST time! It was a throw back to the original KAUFMAN days...just the four of us! At first we were worried about the weather, but when we got to our seats, the stadium blocked the wind and we actually ended up baking in the sun! Here's a look at our family day of fun:

The military opened up a huge American Flag while the band played the National Anthem. (They actually had a hard time closing it back up because of the wind...everyone was rooting for was pretty entertaining.)

B-1 Bomber fly over...So Cool...So LOUD!

George W. threw out the first pitch! The crowd cheered him on and he made a nice throw right to the catcher! A few other decorated members of the military, the governor and my personal favorite, Nolan Ryan showed their support on the field.

The Original Kaufman 4

...and yes, I did make a wardrobe change. First I took off my long-sleeve shirt under my pink hoodie, but the fact that I still had my Uggs on caused me to take drastic measures. I finally had to by a Rangers t-shirt to cool me down. It was worth it...I love it and it doubles as a souvenir!

Now onto the really important information...Ballpark FOOD! I started off the afternoon with a classic ballpark Hot Dog. I mean a baseball game without a hot dog would be sacrilegious. I savored my hot dog around 12:30pm, before the game even started! So naturally, around 2:30pm I was hungry again. I really wanted an Icee, but couldn't find one and ended up settling for a mini cheese pizza. I know what you're thinking...How did I go from an Icee to pizza?...No Idea. All I know is when you're at the Ballpark, all good judgement goes out the window, which leads me to my final indulgence...
The Big Kahuna!!!

Oh the yummy, summery taste of a Big Kahuna! It doesn't get much better than that!

Walking out of the stadium, we stopped so Lyric could take a picture of me and my dad (see below), so we all started piling our bags, sweatshirts and scarves on my mom!

We left a little sweaty, seriously windblown and FULL, but we had an AWESOME DAY!!! Lyric and I wanted a pic of our first Opening Day tickets!

Don't ask. Lyric made me promise I would post this picture.

And finally, a BIG THANK YOU to my dad for inviting his girls to one of the biggest games of the year. If you can't tell, I loved every minute of it! I felt like a little kid again and I will forever cherish this memory. By the way, the Rangers won the game and played great! We might actually have a chance at winning some games this year!


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