Thursday, March 19, 2009

Yoga Update:

1.  I like the Earth series more than the Fire series.

2.  Again, I sweat more than I thought humanly possible.

3. When you leave, your bottle water is lukewarm, which kind of annoys me.

4. The intense soreness I'm experiencing is almost debilitating.

5. I'm acutely aware of new muscles I never knew I had.

6. They're called Postures not Poses. (Forgive me)

7. One of my favorite postures is what I call the Scorpion (cheerleader term). The best part is     we used this rope with a loop for our foot to help get our legs in proper position. I never could   grab my foot right to extend my leg into a scorpion back in high school. My goal now is to get    to a point where I can extend a beautiful Scorpion WITHOUT the rope. (I'll let you know the  technical yoga term for a Scorpion soon.)

8. I really enjoy showering at night after yoga class. (I never shower at night!)

9. For those of you who know me well would be shocked at the amount of water I've been  drinking this week! About 4 bottles a day.....WHAT?......I KNOW. Impressive huh?

10. I'm going back on Saturday!!!


  1. where do you take yoga & do they have pilates, too? i am trying to find a place locally

  2. your yoga posts are cracking me up. fyi, my class had very dim lighting, but i definitely enjoyed that because it meant other people couldn't really see how badly i was doing. however, we did not have sauna like conditions which i do not think i could handle...but good for you on overcoming that! (:

  3. I'm taking yoga at Sunstone Yoga. It's in McKinney off of Eldorado and Hardin. I don't think they have pilates. I actually wanted to take pilates first, but didn't have much luck finding a studio. If you ever want to join me...I'd love it!