Monday, March 23, 2009

The First Weekend of Spring!

We kicked off the weekend at different camps. The boys camped out at Jon and Josh's office for poker night, while the girls gathered at my house for chick-flick movie night. I will say I think I got a little carried away, which I seem to be saying a lot lately. I must be in some sort of crafty/cutesy phase of something. Anyway, I bought magazines, candy, movies and some amazing popcorn from a great new place in Frisco called Love Peace Popcorn for our girly night in. We ordered pizza, gabbed about the latest celebrity gossip for instance Leanne Rimes cheating on her dancer husband...gasp!...I know, ate yummy treats, drank my signature Korllinies and watched Pretty in Pink! I hadn't seen Pretty in Pink in FOREVER! It was amazing! So 80's. So beautifully acted!

Saturday was sunny and gorgeous! Jon and I walked to the park in our neighborhood and played catch. It was my first time to wear shorts and a t-shirt this season and it felt good! So many people were out working in their yards; everyone waving and saying hi as we walked by. Walking back to our house, we saw some kids setting up a lemonade stand with their parents. The mom was so sweet and chatted with us for a few minutes. When we walked off, we both kept saying how much we love our neighborhood!!!

After the park, we ran up to Dick's Sporting Goods to grab some workout shorts and were pleasantly surprised to find all Nike apparel 20% off! Go us! Then we stopped by Lowe's for yard work supplies. Jon was really loving it! We got some new shovels, hose holder, hose attachments and more. We didn't have time to start on the yard this weekend, but now when we do have time...we'll be ready!

Next, we showered and headed to the movies! We saw Duplicity with Julia Roberts. I seriously love her! She's so good. How could you not be a fan? It wasn't the best movie I've ever seen, but overall I liked it. Great twist at the end...
From there we ate here:

What a delicious change of pace! It was Jon's idea and I applauded him for it. We ALWAYS eat Mexican food on the weekends! ALWAYS! We are some serious Tex-Mex eating fools!!! But, Italian was a nice change. We shared Baked Ziti. It was yummy, but my favorite part was the bread dipped in olive oil with Parmesan cheese!!!!!!!!!!

When we got in the car, Jon asked if I wanted the new ipod shuffle. I didn't even know there was a new ipod shuffle. We went to the apple store to check them out and left with 2 silver little shuffles...and I mean little! They're still blowing my mind! It was such a fun surprise purchase!

Sunday we spent more time outside! It was crazy windy, but the wind was over shadowed by the warm sun! Jon taught a class at church in the morning while I stayed home to catch-up on laundry and get my allergy attack under control. (Change in temp and the wind will get me every time!) When Jon was finishing up, I went by Josh and Kim's to see their new sweet DOG Maggie! Kim has been wanting a puppy for as long as I've known her. It took some convincing, but she got Josh to come around and they ended up adopting Maggie from a lady who rescued a bunch of dogs from some crazy people. She's SO cute!!! I finally have a little niece! From there, I picked up Jon and we headed to my parents house to play with Cole and hang out with the fam. Lyric and RT were out of town, so we gave my parents a little break and took Cole for a trip around the neighborhood in his red wagon. My parents also bought Cole his first basketball hoop. He got a kick out of making baskets!

The rest of the afternoon I lounged out by the pool, Jon finished the book he's been reading and played catch with RT and my dad. My dad grilled the BEST hamburgers outside for dinner. While we stuffed our faces with our burgers, Cole was busy with his yogurt!

The weekend was fun, relaxing and nothing makes me feel more refreshed and giddy than the sun!!! I hope it sticks around! Thanks to my friends, family and the most amazing husband in the world for a wonderful kick-off to SPRING!


  1. Even though I couldn't stay the whole time I had a great time just to get away for a bit. Next girls night I'm there for the long haul!

  2. love the post, love the sun, love the spring, love it all - love it!

    p.s. when are you going to fix me a korllini???

  3. Sounds like SO much fun! Love all the updates - and Im sooo impressed with the Yoga! Oh and I just ordered some of those glasses for cutting onions! I love that you have them too! Super cute!