Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bloods & Non-Bloods Get Together

A few years ago, my brother-in-law Jared came up with the terms bloods and non-bloods to label the family. Shannon, Jeremy, Jon, Josh, Randy and Nancy are all bloods, and me, Kim and Jared are non-bloods. (Non-bloods in the hOUse!)

That lovely story has absolutely nothing to do with this post other than we all got together Wednesday night, but I felt like sharing some pointless usual.

Moving on.

Shannon and Jared invited us over for some quality time this week and that it was! We came in comfy clothes to relax and hang out. Shannon made delicious enchiladas, I made my famous guacamole and Kim whipped up yummy brownies for our feast.

Before I continue with my Wednesday Night Wrap-up, let's pause and take a look at my mad onion cutting skills and stylish onion eye guard...

Yes, those are pink "goggles" if you will, that my mom put in my stocking this year for Christmas. One of the many fun little sussies crazy Shauna likes to find and loves to give! Their specific purpose is to protect your eyes from the stinging, watering pain caused by the ever irritating onion. (With better judgement, I would not have posted this picture. I hope you enjoy.)

One things for sure...There's nothing better than fresh GUAC!

After dinner, the boys moved to the living room to play Rock Band...

Jon on guitar, Josh on Bass, Jeremy (JerJer) on the drums and Cade on vocals. All the boys were rocking it out, but Cade was by far the cutest! He new the tune to most of the popular songs and really got after it on that microphone!

Cruse hung out with Jared and the boys, but as soon as he got wind of Kim's brownies, he was out of there! Saying Cruse loves sweets is an understatement!

While the boys were focused on their game, the girls enjoyed some much needed "GIRL TALK"!

Thanks for having us over Shannon, Jared, Cade and Cruse! We are so blessed to have family we LOVE hanging out with! Let's do it again soon!

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