Friday, March 27, 2009


Thursday night was our second time to visit Cade's preschool for their annual Spring Sing and Open House. We love watching Cade and the rest of the kiddos sing worship songs. It's so sweet! The songs are amazing and their motions are too cute! It's also fun to see Cade's classroom and all the cool projects he's been working on. He walks around like he owns the joint! We laugh because we're probably the only aunts and uncles who go and Cade's the only child with his own entourage, but we wouldn't miss it for the world!
After all, it's his last year in preschool. In the Fall, he's off to Kindergarten.

Can you see Cade in the middle of the picture waving? They're all supposed to be catching a bubble in their mouth to get quite so they can start the program. The kids faces crack me up!

In the foyer, each class had their Pennies for Preschooler coin collectors out on display to encourage donations. Cade's class had a super-cool coin collector that looked like the world with their heads glued to little paper bodies. (Cade's front and center)

Cade at his "desk".
He's looking pretty studly in that shirt and tie isn't he?!?!

Showing Jared the rainbow he painted...Nice Job!

After the big event, we went out to eat with the fam. We met at Mi Cocina- Watters Creek and enjoyed a great meal on the patio. When we first sat down, it was a little chilly. Nancy had a cute long jacket on and Randy gave Shannon his sport coat. When Randy realized Kim and I looked a little cold, he vanished for 10 or 15 minutes and returned with 2 long-sleeved shirts he bought from a nearby shop!!! How sweet is that? Total Randy Bailey style!!!

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