Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy New Year!

2009 is still new right? I mean its only been 27 days. 2009 hasn't even turned 1-month old yet. I wanted this to be the second post of my new blog, but more important things came up like tag and birthdays so I'm a little late. Better late than never right?

Jon and I hosted our 2nd Annual New Years Eve Party at our house this year. Throwing a party at our house is MUCH easier, roomier and more fun than it was trying to cram everyone in our apartment last year. We decided to have everyone meet for dinner and then head back to our house for a serious PAR-TAY!

Here we are at the Mi Cocina at Watters Creek in Allen. Mexican food and margaritas are crucial to any good celebration.

Isn't my husband a hoot? Seth thought it was funny...which isn't saying much. (sorry seth)

That's better!

The whole gang (minus Jon, he was taking the picture)

After a great meal (the brisket tacos were excellent as usual) it was time to ring in the New Year Bailey STYLE! Once everyone got settled with drink in hand and party hat on, we started the first game of the night...BINGO!

Those pink hats were seriously heavy, but AWESOME!

Seth and David chilling out before an intense round of Bingo

Let the games begin!

Jon was the announcer and let each winner draw a gift card from his hat. Here's Zach graciously accepting his Bueno gift card!

Seth and Michelle won Chick-fil-a...

...And Starbucks

Ryan won the grand prize in the final B-O round. He had to have all the B's and O's and yell out "I have BO!" to win. Well played RB! He took home a LaHacienda gift card.

After BINGO, the boys started their Texas Hold'em tournament...

And the girls started Karaoke!

I am officially OBSESSED with karaoke. Put a microphone in my hand and I'll go to town! We had so much fun singing our hearts out to Since You've Been Gone, Love Shack, Umbrella, Grease, anything Dixie Chicks, My Hump and just about every other song on the 6 page list of options! We're looking into buying one as a group to keep up the fun throughout the year!

We did take a short break from our singing/screaming to pour some bubbly and toast to 2009 at midnight.

Our first kiss in '09

David and Ryan getting their toast on!

Kim and I have the same picture from last years party with 2008 glasses on. We decided to make it a tradition.

After we watched the ball drop, spread "cheers" all around and kissed our sweethearts, everyone went straight back to karaoke and Jon got started on cooking our first breakfast of the new year. With the help of David and Richmond, Jon made delicious breakfast burritos and yummy pancakes for a hungry crowd!

A little fuel recharged the boys and they were ready to hit the mics.

Baby, Baby, I get down on my knees for you....

If you would only love me, like you used to dOooo yAhhh

Karaoke continued until 3 am! It was a FANTASTIC night and the perfect way to ring in the new year! I don't know how we'll top this party next year...stay tuned.

Happy New Year! I hope 2009 brings you love, joy, rest and lots of fun!

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