Wednesday, January 28, 2009

While the boys are away...

Last Thursday, Jon traveled 10 hours with a group of guys to climb the tallest mountain in Texas. (Yes, there are apparently mountains in Big Ben, Texas. ) They were out of town for the weekend, so I decided to round-up the girls for a Girls Night Out/In. We went to Mi Cocina (remember what I said about Mexican food and margaritas?) and after a short 1 1/2 hour wait, we enjoyed great food, great drinks and great conversation.

From left to right: Kim, Michelle, Heather, Richmond and Me

When the food was cleared and drinks were emptied, we headed back to my house to watch Ellen DeGeneres's HBO Stand-up DVD. If you haven't seen this, you HAVE TO check it out! If you're in need of a good laugh, and I mean folded over, tears streaming belly laugh, this should do the trick. Her stand-up is clean and centered around daily life experiences. I highly recommend it! It's freaking HILARIOUS!

I also made a yummy drink for us to enjoy during the show. Richmond named them "The Korilinni". It's made with peach sherbet, triple sec and sparkling wine. It was delicious if I do say so myself! I'll be happy to share the recipe if you're interested.

Thanks girls for a great night! I had a blast. We need to get rid of the guys more often!

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  1. Kori - we are back on march 13th and in our house on the 20th - i want that recipe, please - it sounds like what we will need :)