Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The baby food isle

The other day I was browsing the baby food isle at Babies R’ Us when a woman I’ve never met approached me and asked, “Are you Smith and Gray’s mom?”

“Are you Smith and Gray’s mom?”

It caught me off guard, but I quickly said yes. She proceeded to tell me that she has prayed for my boys and me. It was a quick exchange and she ended it by saying she just wanted to say hello and tell me that both of my boys are beautiful.


I hope she is reading this so she knows how much her sweet words have meant to me.

After leaving the store, I have continued to play her opening line over and over in my head.

“Are you Smith and Gray’s mom?”

I don’t think I have ever been asked that question and it felt so good to answer yes.

Most of the time questions about my motherhood or children leads to an awkward pause on my part, an internal battle of how to answer and regret for the questioner. I pause for a moment, hoping I can just say, “Yes, this is my first child” or “I have one son,” but I just can’t. I know a perfect stranger doesn’t need to know the intimate details of my life, but I physically can’t deny the life, no matter how short, of my first-born.

I can’t thank this gracious woman enough for 1. Having the heart to approach me. 2. Praying for me and my family and 3. Talking so naturally about my children…in heaven and on earth.

I have not felt so at home, so comfortable in my own skin in a LONG time!

I hope you’re enjoying the season of thanksgiving. This week, I am thankful for the love of my Father and His amazing GRACE and my new forever friend from the baby food isle.


Smith and Gray’s mom


  1. I'm not one to comment much, and I can't honestly tell you from where I stumbled on your blog. But, I have read your blog, know your story. This blog post, your story of this amazing woman, gave me chills and reminds me how awesome our God is.

  2. What a sweet blessing for you!

  3. Reading this makes me feel so humbled and honored that God allowed me to be a part of this moment for you. Truly. I was honestly a little nervous I had made you feel uncomfortable by hunting you down in the food aisle ;)....but how absolutely incredible to see our sweet Savior so clearly in this devine appiontment!!! And I'll say it again...they are beautiful boys!