Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Gray's 6 months old!!!

FYI: I don’t expect anyone to read all of this, except maybe my mom. I just wanted to jot down the specifics of Gray’s life at 6 months so I will never forget this stage. I do encourage you to scroll through the pictures though…you wouldn’t want to miss seeing this cute boy!


How can you already be 6 MONTHS OLD?!? It’s hard to believe that 6 months ago you were born so early, so tiny. I will never forget the first time I heard you cry. That perfect cry calmed me. It made me cry and I couldn’t stop smiling. Six months later, I can’t say that your cry always brings a smile to my face, but just about everything else does. And sometimes I still cry at the overwhelming joy you bring to my heart. You are such a blessing. Your life continues to help restore my soul. I am awe struck by the power of the love I have for you and find the gift of motherhood to be the most extraordinary journey and the most beautiful testament to God’s love for me.

I could go on and on about how precious and perfect you are and how much I love you, but I’ll refrain and get to the fun stuff. Here’s what you’re up to at the halfway point to one year!

At 6 months, you are:

You laughed for the first time a few weeks ago. You have the sweetest, most contagious little laugh and I can’t get enough! It cracks me up because you kind of throw your head back when you get going. Sometimes it sounds a little forced, but when that full on giggle comes out you can really ham it up. I also love it when you’re torn between laughing and crying. If you’re getting sleepy or hungry and daddy tries to make you laugh, you go in and out of a little chuckle and a little whine…so funny.

If you weren’t getting soaked enough with your constant spitting up, now you’re getting soaked with spit and drool. (By the way am I the only person who didn’t know it was called blowing raspberries? I guess it’s a nicer phrase than spitting.) You love to kick and play on your back while you spit/blow raspberries. You think you’re pretty cute doing it too…and you are of course!!!

A few weeks ago while playing on the floor, you kept turning onto your side and then all the sudden you just flipped right over. Watching you fling those hips over and roll is just about the cutest thing ever. Once you get on your tummy, you stretch up pretty far, play for a minute, spit up and fuss because you want to change positions. You can roll from your tummy to your back, but don’t seem to realize you can sometimes. When you roll over, you like to look at yourself in your little owl mirror and look around. You’re going to be a little roly-poly rolling all over this house very soon.

You can’t be left sitting unattended and it doesn’t last very long, but you are starting to get the hang of this whole sitting thing. You lean over quite a bit and brace yourself with your hands on your legs. You really like sitting up and I think with a little more time and practice, you’ll be sitting up straight with no problem in no time.

You have been a pretty great sleeper from the start. You have been sleeping through the night since 4 months with only a few exceptions and the trend continues. We start our bedtime routine between 7:30 and 8:30 every night. We get our jammies on, get wrapped up in our miracle blanket (only your body, you have both arms out now), put your pacie in and rock in your glider while mama feeds you. When I put you down, I turn on your ipod to Jewel’s lullaby music and always start with Twinkle Twinkle. You typically wake up between 6:00 and 7:00 every morning.

You take 4 naps a day. We read a book while mama rocks you. You usually sleep an hour to an hour and a half in your bed and if you wake up early, you can sleep forever in your mama’s arms!

You are still a great eater. You are exclusively breastfed and never miss a meal! You eat every 3-4 hours, on average 6 times a day. Our doctor didn’t want you to start cereal at 4 months, but gave us the go ahead at your 6-month appointment. We are starting this week! I can’t imagine putting a spoon in your mouth!

Mama sure is hoping this spitting up thing is almost over. It still doesn’t seem to bother you, but between the times you eat and the time you go down for your nap, you spit up constantly. It helps if you stay sitting up for a while after eating before playing on the floor, but you usually spit up while you’re on your tummy and when you get picked up after laying down. You and mama usually get soaked and have to change several times a day. Here’s to hoping eating cereal and more solids will help keep us dry!

 You LIKE:

  1. Going for walks around the neighborhood
  2. Sitting in your Bumbo
  3. Talking in your car seat
  4. Chillin in your Mamaroo
  5. Playing in your bouncy seat
  6. Kicking and spitting on the floor while mama plays with you
  7. Looking in the mirror
  8. Watching mom and dad talk to/sing to you in the mirror
  9. Watching Bear!!!
  10. Watching the Rangers
  11. Bath time

  1. The bright sun in your eyes
  2. Lots of people in your face at once
  3. When you roll on your tummy and can’t get back on your back
  4. When you have to get your diaper changed when you wake up in the morning before you can eat
  5. Taking a break from eating to get burped

Your FAVORITE toys:

  1. Your Baby Einstein toy piano. You love the music and colorful lights. Mama used to push the keys for you, but now you play all by yourself!
  2. The bright lion toy your cousin Everley gave you.
  3. The fun, colorful rubber wire ball toy from Pottery Barn Kids. It’s easy for you to hold onto and get in your mouth.
Your FAVORITE books:

  1. Guess How Much I Love You
  2. The Very Hungry Caterpillar
  3. Green Eggs and Ham
  4. On The Night You Were Born
  5. The Jesus Story Bible
  6. Baby’s First Colors…Your eyes get so big when I turn to the yellow and orange pages
  7. First 100 Words board book
  8. Numbers Colors Shapes board book
Your FAVORITE songs:

  1. ABC’s
  2. Patty Cake
  3. I’m a little tea pot
  4. Oh MacDonald
  5. Wheels on the Bus
  6. You are my sunshine
  7. Jesus love me
This didn’t really fit in any of the categories, but you have the BEST, most adorable sad face I’ve ever seen. I hate to see you upset, but sometimes I can’t help but smile and even chuckle at that pitiful face. You start with sticking out that cute bottom lip and then your whole face just melts. You cry crocodile tears, which momma hates. The good thing is you are easily consoled and turn that frown upside down pretty quick!

The week you turned 6 months old, in addition to your regular check-up, you had your first appointment with a developmental services group. This group came to see you a few times while you were in the NICU and we scheduled your first appointment when you were discharged. The appointments are mainly to make sure you’re on the right track and to catch anything you might be struggling with early so we can proactively stay on top of your progress and development.

We had a great visit. Our specialist said you looked strong and healthy! She observed you and did some activities with you on the floor to check skills, reflexes, etc. It was so nice to hear a professionals thought on how you are doing. We left with an overview sheet of what they witnessed at the visit and several extremely helpful handouts that review cognitive skills, the development of babies first year and ways to support early learning.

They measure your development based on your adjusted age, which is 4 months old. They said you showed nice growth and development! Your gross motor skills and receptive language were between 4-5 months and your fine motor and expressive language were 4 months. So as far as they’re concerned you’re right on track and even a little ahead in a few areas for your adjusted age (where they expect you to be developmentally). We go back in March. (11 months/9 months adjusted)

We are so proud of you!!!

FINALLY, Here are your stats from you regular 6-month check-up:

Weight: 14 lbs 13 oz – 10%
Height: 25.5 inches – 25-30%
Head: 16.3 – 10%

Physical Exam: Good weight-gain A+
Developmental: Awesome progression A+

I LOVE you SO much Bubba!!!!! You are such an easy-going, happy baby and every night I put you to sleep, I can’t wait to see you in the morning!!!

(Upset that Bear is trying to steal his show)


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