Tuesday, October 4, 2011

5 months

Dear Gray,

I love you so much! Time is flying by and I am constantly amazed by how much you change day after day. Sometimes when I go get you in the morning I feel like I can tell you grew over night! You’re getting so big. People always say, “He doesn’t look like a preemie!” It’s hard to imagine how tiny you were only 5 short months ago. We joke that my milk must be equivalent to whole milk or maybe heavy cream! You’re such a little cuddle bug. You love snuggling with me if you’ve woken up a little early from your nap, but aren’t quite ready to really wake up. You smile so much now and daddy and I can’t get enough! When you smile, your whole face lights up. It completely melts my heart. I’m so grateful and thankful for your precious life baby boy. You continue to be an answer to prayer!!! 

At 5 months you are:

-Cooing up a storm
-So alert
-Sleeping in your own bed at night
-Still sleeping through the night (after a few nights adjusting to your bed)
-Smiling all the time
-Watching Bear where ever he goes
-Now in size 2 diapers
-Wearing 3-6 months clothes
-Playing with the toys hanging from your bouncy seat
-Sleeping with one arm out of your Miracle Blanket while we transition you out of it completely
-Enjoying tummy-time more, but still prefer to play on your back
-Still rolling over from tummy to back

You Love:

-Being held upright so you can look around
-Your bouncy seat
-Playing and kicking on your play mat
-Going for walks around the neighborhood!!!
-Shopping with mom at the grocery store in your Moby Wrap…you always fall asleep mid-way through
-Looking in the mirror
-Bath time

You’re still not a fan of:

-Your car seat
-When the car stops...heaven forbid!
-Getting your diaper changed when you’re ready to eat
-Putting lotion on after your bath

This month you…

-Went swimming for the first time and LOVED it!!!
-Had your first two “play-dates” with your new friends Asher and Tucker
-Went with momma to get her haircut downtown
-Made several shopping trips to Northpark
-Met Christine, Faith, Isabelle and Mrs. Fego
-Met your great-aunt Shari and cousin (not sure of the exact title) Kimberly who made a special trip from Atlanta to meet you
-Celebrated Gramp’s birthday!
-Celebrated Aunt Shan and Papa’s birthdays!
-Met Jeff, Becky, Brady and Charlotte
-Slept in your crib at night…did I already mention that? Much harder for mommy than you

That's a wrap 

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  1. Okay I see how he definitely looks like Jon in these pictures!! So sweet. (actually just such a perfect mix of you both! esp in that last picture!) He's precious. I cant wait to meet him!!!