Thursday, June 23, 2011

Birthday/Father's Day Weekend

It was a busy weekend for the Bailey family! Friday night Jon's grandparents came into town because his granddad was preaching at our church on Sunday for Father's Day. It also just so happened to be his grandmommy's 80th birthday, so we kicked off the weekend with cake and presents in her honor. I can't tell you how precious Jon's grandmommy is. She is so sweet, a little firecracker and such a hoot. She loves the Lord and loves her family more than anything in the world. I'm always so thankful to spend time with her. This was also their grandparents first time to meet Gray and they LOVED him! How could they not!

Saturday was Jon's 29th Birthday!!! I can't believe he's going to be 30 next year...crazy! We spent the morning at home, ran to Northpark late in the afternoon and grabbed dinner to go on the way home. The lack of freedom to run as many errands as we wanted, shop as long as we wanted and do dinner and a movie was challenging, but we made it work and of course we wouldn't have it any other way. Gray was a trooper and we loved being out as a family celebrating the best husband and daddy in the world!.

On Father's Day, we started the morning with coffee, cinnamon rolls and presents.  Then it was off to the early service at church to hear Jon's granddad preach. It was a special day because Jon took Gray on stage and we took pictures of 4 generations of Bailey men!!! I loved it! It definitely made Jon's Father's Day extra special!

After church we went to my parents to celebrate my dad, Jon's birthday again and my sister's 31st Birthday!!!! Yes, we are slammed with all kinds of festivities in June. We cooked out hamburgers, hung out by the pool, opened presents and ate yummy red velvet cake.

(I LOVE this picture of Gray and Campbell side by side...hilarious!)

By the time we got home Gray had maxed out. He had a big weekend and the lack of solid naps and all the commotion finally caught up to him. Jon went to the Bailey's without me to celebrate Randy. I hated to miss out, but my baby needed some serious R&R. Overall it was a great, hectic, fun weekend!!! Happy Birthday Lyric, Jon and Josh and Happy Father's day to the amazing father's in my life. I love you all!!!!