Thursday, June 16, 2011

2 Months Old

I can't believe Gray is already 2 months old! I'm sure I'm going to say that every month, but it feels like time is flying by. Because he was 2 months premature, his adjusted age makes him a newborn. He's not doing everything a full-term 2 month old typically can do...YET...but he will catch up soon! I love the idea of writing him a letter every month to tell him how much I adore him and so I can remember everything he was up to during that here goes. (If you don't want to read this insanely long letter, scroll down for his 2 month stats!)

Dear Gray,

We are so happy to have you home! It was a long road getting you here, but it was worth every second. You are the sweetest baby boy and bring us so much joy. I love that our house is filled with baby things. Every corner you turn there's another reminder that you're here. A pacie on the kitchen table, your swing in the living room, a tiny sock on the floor that Bear got a hold of...even a spit-up soaked burp cloth all make me smile. Your life and presence fills my heart with such a rich love, warmth and indescribable gratitude.
You have definitely mastered your four key jobs as a newborn: Sleeping, eating, pooping and tee-teeing. As soon as we brought you home, you have excelled at all of the above. You breast and bottle feed like a champ. I like to call you my little piggy! We had to give you a bottle of breast milk every other feeding when we got home so we could mix in some yummy vitamins and extra calories to make sure you were packing on the pounds. Since you've proven you have no problems in the weight gaining department, you can have every feeding at the breast...with the occasional bottle to ensure you will take one when we need you to. Your only feeding issue is you are quite the spitter-upper! They call you a happy spitter because it doesn't seem to bother you. You will burp, spit up and be ready with your mouth wide open again to continue eating. It doesn't make mommy too happy, but we're getting used to having plenty of bibs, blankets and burp cloths readily available! At your 2 month appointment we got some medicine to help with your reflux. Because you're a preemie, the doctor thinks it will probably go away by 4 months...I think we might need some more bibs:) You still eat every 2 1/2 - 3 hours, but are getting closer to making it to 3 consistently. Your night feedings fluctuate a bit, but for a few nights in a row now, you've made it 5 hours, which means I've only had to do one “middle of the night” feeding!!!! Go baby go!
I'm so thankful you're a good sleeper. You take good naps and sleep great at night. This week I started putting you in your bed for nap times. I try to put you down while you’re groggy, but still awake so you get used to going to sleep by yourself. You usually cry for about 10 minutes before falling to sleep and sometimes not at all. You love your new Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Lullaby Soother. You like looking at the fish swimming, but I think your favorite part is the music. It always calms you right to sleep. One of your must-haves for sleep time, especially at night is your Miracle Blanket. The name doesn’t’s truly a miracle! It keeps you nice and snug for bedtime, which helps you and mommy and daddy! I’m practicing putting  you to sleep in your crib for nap time to ease my way into putting you in your crib at night. Right now you’re sleeping in your nap nanny on our bed.  The Nap Nanny is another one of our favorite products. It’s big, safe and keeps you propped up, which helps with your reflux. Come nap time or bedtime you will also usually be seen with your pacie. They started giving you a Soothie in the NICU and you took to it right away. I’m not sure who loves their Soothie more, you or Bear!
I don’t think I need to go into detail in the pooping and tee-teeing department. It pretty much speaks for itself. Let’s just say you get an A+. Well, maybe a B in tee-teeing because you’ve been known to let it go when we’re wiping your bottom, which usually leads to a clothes change. About a week or two ago, you did make a big transition from preemie diapers to newborn diapers. What a big boy! 
You’ve really started looking around and making eye contact more and more. You love to look out the window at the backyard and at the green leaves on the tree and bushes out the big kitchen windows. You will really study the mobile on your swing and stare at people’s faces. You make some funny facial expressions, but our favorite is probably “crazy eyes”. You open them so wide, it’s like you’re screaming “Oh my goodness” or “WOW”. It cracks us up!

Overall you enjoy bath time, but if it’s too cold...forget it! You DO NOT like to be cold. You do like to have your hair shampooed. If you’ve been crying before, you will stop when I start to shampoo your tiny sweet. When I move you from your little tub to wrap you up on your towel you SCREAM! I try to wrap you up and snuggle you in tight as fast as I can to get you warm. Only to be repeated when we have to take the towel off to put our clothes and diaper on. One of my favorite things is your hair after your bath. I love how soft and fluffy it gets when it dries. It looks like little baby bird fuzz. I also love to brush your hair like a big boy. I could just eat you up.
Tummy time is hit or miss. Sometimes you don’t mind it and other times it really seems to tick you off. You are getting really strong though. You lift your head up, sometimes a little of your chest too and move your head from side to side. A lot of times when you lift your head, you’ll lift a leg’s so cute!
Because we’ve been trying to protect you from germs and any sicknesses, we haven’t been out much. I do know that you don’t particularly like getting in your carseat, but once you’re in and we get moving, you love the ride. The few times you’ve been outside at night or in the shade, you’ve loved it. I think you like the warm air. 
Speaking of sicknesses, you already had your first baby cold. I HATE that you’ve had a stuffy nose and some congestion. The doctor said you were fine, but I wasn’t. You sounded terrible at night and it was so sad to hear you sneezing and struggling. Poor baby. But thankfuly, you’re doing much better. I still have to suction your nose with saline before bed and at night. You’re not a fan, but who can blame you. Our doctor said you might have had a tiny cold before, but now it’s probably related to your reflux. Hopefully your new medicine will help clear everything up.
You like it when we sing to you. These are the songs we sing to you the most:
-Jesus Loves Me
-Twinkle Twinkle
-You are my Sunshine
I love you so much baby boy. You are the most precious gift from God and I am so honored and thankful he has trusted us with your life. You have brought so much life and joy to our lives and we will cherish you every minute of every day. I could stare at you for hours and kiss those amazing cheeks of yours for days. You are strong and healthy and beautiful. I stand in amazement of our Creator for creating such a little miracle. You are pure, sweet and true. Thankful can’t begin to describe it. I can’t believe you’re mine. I love you baby.

Gray’s 2 Month Report Card:
Weight: 8 pounds - 50%
Height: 20.5 inches - 75%
Head: 13.8 inches - 25-50%
He got his 2 month shots at our appointment. It was sad, but he was brave!
My big 2 month old:


  1. oh what a stud! He is getting so big! I cannot wait to meet him!

  2. congrats Kori! I just saw all the posts from the last few months and am so happy that Gray is home and doing well! Looks like you are doing a great job! He is sooo cute :)

  3. Can't wait to meet you, little one!