Friday, June 12, 2009

Thursday Night Out

Last Thursday that is.

My name's Kori and I'm officially a blog slacker.

My mom and I had a fun night together last Thursday night stopping by a few fun get-togethers. First, we dropped by Blue Goose in Plano to say hi to the Advocacy Center's Development Team who were celebrating the huge success of this years Gala. For a little background information for those of you who don't know...I have known my boss Jackie basically my entire life. Lyric and I danced with her daughters Erin and Joni for over 10 years! (Shout out to Miss Billy's!) Joni also works at the Advocacy Center as the Volunteer Coordinator. So, my mom and I stopped by to chat with the girls for a while. Here's a mother-daughter pic. The last picture we have of the four of us is probably at some dance recital or competition. Joni and I are probably in our purple frilly "Come on Everybody Baby Do That Conga" costumes with blue eyeshadow and RED lipstick and our mom's are most likely rocking some serious shoulder-length perms. We've come a long way!

Next on our agenda was my friend Dana's Lingerie Shower! Dana and I were cheerleaders together at Plano and we've been friends ever since. She's getting married next weekend and my mom and I were super excited to celebrate with her before the big day. We had a great time chatting with Dana and her precious mom, sipping yummy champagne and watching her open her lacy gifts! I can't wait to see Dana walk down the isle next Saturday!

The best part about the night was that I got to hang out with my mom. Is she not the cutest?!?!

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