Friday, June 12, 2009

My Sick Hubby

Jon has been sick ALL week. He's feeling better now and is no longer contagious, but missed three days of work (even though he did some work from home) and has been couped up inside since Monday night. Today is his first day back among the living and I'm so excited!!! Men are the most sad little patients aren't they? While we were stuck at home, we caught some movies on Apple TV:
Meet Bill
It was okay. Not too much to say about it. Pretty random.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Long. Bizarre that he becomes a baby again. I couldn't understand a word the old lady in the hospital was saying and didn't really like any of the "present day" parts of the movie, but overall I liked it.
Marley & Me

I CRIED like a little girl! Although it was SO SAD, I thought the movie was great and
a strong portrayal of "real life" issues like work, family, marriage, children, etc. All I kept thinking was my mom can NEVER see this movie. She would be a basket case!

I'm so happy Jon's feeling better and I'm looking forward a fun weekend out of the house!


  1. hi kori! ok this is SO random, but I keep up with your sister's blog b/c our little guys are super close in age, and he's so flippin cute. but I clicked on your blog from poefam just now, b/c I wanted to see what you had to say about the movies! we totally have the AppleTV and either i'm retarded, or probably I'm just retarded ... :) but, don't you have to buy the movies from itunes for like $15 to get them onto your AppleTv?! I must be missing something! My husband bought it for me 2 years ago and it's sat in the box... we JUST hooked it up and are totally clueless. any insider tips to getting cheap/free movies?? would love an email if you get a chance!! :)
    have a great weekend! :)

  2. I rented 'Marley & Me' the other day and also balled my eyes out! What was I thinking??