Thursday, March 5, 2009


Jon and his friends put together a softball team to play in a local church league. They decided to keep it old school and decided on the name Metroplex Family Church. This was the original name of our church. Since then, it's been changed to Metro Family Church and after our move to Custer and 121, it's now Four Corners Church.

I can't tell you how excited Jon was for their first game. He came home with new softball gear including baseball pants, sliders, batting gloves, Nike cleats and of course, his team shirt and matching hat! I've always said he should have been a baseball player because his butt looks so good in those pants!!! (He'll be so happy I shared that.) Anyway, he paced all over the house in his "uniform" waiting for the guys to pick him up. While he waited I thought it would be the perfect time to take some cheesy pictures of him.

The Metroplex Family Church softball team took the field Monday night at 7:45 pm. They looked good, strong and ready to win... And they did! The score was 16-15. MFC won their first game! WOHOO!

Jon played catcher and a little outfield

He made it on base every at bat! He also doubled as third base coach.

Ready to run to second...

Both teams praying together after the game

It was super fun to watch them play. It was seriously cold and crazy windy, but Kim, Michelle and I are dedicated fans!

Congratulations Metroplex Team!

I can't wait to cheer you on for win #2

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  1. What a sweet, devoted wife :) I cannot believe your little cousin has something I made in her room! That is NUTS (and quite satisfying to be honest)! What a small world! And to answer your question from a long time ago... I unfortunately do not have a website yet. It is a work in progress. I can email you examples of things if you ever have something in mind. Thanks for sharing :)