Sunday, March 8, 2009

Friday Night at the Crib!

RT has been out of town since Thursday (roughing it in Colorado for a friends Bachelor Party Weekend) leaving Lyric and Cole to live it up at home without daddy. Although RT was missed, Jon and I had a great Friday night hanging out with Lyric and Cole! We ordered pizza, played ball and "pillow fight" with Cole. Lyric and I chased him around my room to get his stinky diaper changed...Cole, not Jon, and we all watched previews of some awesome movies like Madagascar 2, Cars and Kungfu Panda on Apple TV. We never ended up watching anything, but I think Lyric got some good ideas of movies Cole would love to see. I personally have Madagascar 2 on my must see list now too!
It was a great night, kicking it at home in our jammies with the best sister in the world and the most entertaining, spiky headed little guy around!

Cole, sitting on a stack of towel at the kitchen table enjoying his cheese pizza!

When Cole was finished with his pizza, he wanted to help Uncle Jon finish up his

"Aunt Kori and Uncle Jon are the coolest!!!"
(My own translation)

Mom and "baby"

Completely unrelated, here are a few pics of Cole I took when my mom brought him up to the office last week. He was walking all over the place and although he was a little unsure about everyone, he came around after a thin mint cookie generously donated by Allison and a heart-shaped sucker Sandra offered him.

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