Monday, January 19, 2009

Hello friends, family and fellow bloggers! Welcome to my FIRST blog. Truth be told, I've wanted to start a blog for some time now, but my elaborate procrastination and clever excuses kept me away. Today, however, is the day I stop pushing my poor blog to the bottom of my to-do list. Today, I will proudly publish my first post! For those of you who know me well know that I have a serious obsessive writing condition. I graduated with a Magazine Journalism degree from the University of Missouri and with this academic achievement came the self-imposed burden of (attempting) to write something wonderfully creative and perfectly punctuated at all times. Writing a simple note on a birthday card can be painful. Crazy, I know. The reason I mention this endearing quality about myself is to set the record straight (for my own personal benefit/sanity and so others can hold me accountable) that I will not take the writing of my posts too seriously and none of it will be perfect!!! There. I got that out of the way. I feel better. Moving on...

I thought I would kickoff my blog with a tribute to 2008. This would have made more sense if it was still the first week in January, but as I mentioned before, excuses and procrastination got the best of me.

Here are the top 5 reasons 2008 was an amazing year (in no particular order):

#1 Jon and I built and moved into our first house!

#2 We celebrated our 1-year wedding anniversary!

#3 We attended a Renovare Conference in Houston
Josh, Kim, Jon and I went to Houston for a Renovare Conference. Kim and I got to hear Dallas Willard (one of Jon and Josh's favorite authors/spiritual mentor) speak.

#4 We celebrated my nephew Cole's 1st Birthday!
(I wanted to include some of his B-day party pics, but I have about 100. Expect to see A LOT more of this little pumpkin in the future! I mean is he not the most adorable baby you've ever seen?)

#5 I had a reunion with my girls at Mizzou's Homecoming
We all live in different states (Texas, Cali, New York, Colorado, Illinois, Missouri), so it was GREAT to have everyone in the same city/house/car...etc.#6 I screamed like a little girl at the NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK CONCERT
Okay, I know I said the top 5 reasons, but I had to throw in a 6th. My sister-in-law Kim hooked us up with New Kids On The Block concert tickets! It was beyond AMAZING!!! Kim, Kim's sister and my friend Jaime, my sister Lyric and my sister-in-law Shannon had the best time singing our hearts out to some Hanging Tough, Step-by-Step and my personal favorite...Cover Girl!

So there are about a million other amazing things from 2008 that I could list like spending tons of quality time with family, business blessings, Jon's AMAZING sermons he preached at Four Corners Church, fun in the sun by the pool, celebrating Jon's parents 35th wedding anniversary, CHRISTMAS, our nephew Cade's acting debut and more, but I think my first post is long enough!


  1. YEAH!!!!!! So glad you finally started a blog! Oh and I love the design she made you .. i think the font even looks like your handwriting was in high school?! I could be totally off .. but thats what I was thinking when I saw it! :) Cute pictures too!!!! Miss you friend! Brooke

  2. I am so proud of you! I am so excited you finally made a post! Love you! Lyric

  3. YAYYYY! I LOVE IT!!! ... And, check my blog...I tagged yoU!

  4. Love the blog - love the pics - love you - love everything - love it!


    Your Bestie