Sunday, July 22, 2012

Play Ball!

There was a lot of baseball going around in our family this Spring/Summer. We tried to make it to at least one of every one's games! Jon plays church league softball once a week. They usually play pretty late, so Gray and I made sure to go cheer dad on at one of the early games. Gray LOVES watching. He especially loves to watch the batters swing. He laughs almost every time!

Next was Cole. This was Cole's first year to play t-ball and not only does he love it, but he's awesome! It was so fun to watch him play and I'm pretty sure there's nothing cuter than those little baseball pants. I think Gray fell asleep so I didn't get a pic of him and his big cousin, but Cole and the little miss are pretty stinkin' cute on their own!

This was also Cruse's first t-ball season. I'm telling you, there is nothing cuter than watching these little boys run around the field! Cruse played great and was given the game token from the other team after the game for being an awesome player and a good sport. He was super excited and we were all so proud. The picture of Gray with Cade and Cruse makes my heart so happy!!!! We missed Cade play this season, but we will definitely be there to cheer him on this fall! I can't wait for Gray to follow in his big cousin's (and daddy's) footsteps and become a big baseball player. 


  1. Kori, I'm so glad you are blogging again! I love reading about your sweet family! Gray is a doll, I can't believe he is 1! I love the picture of him and Jon at the baseball game. I can't wait for Austin to be into baseball!

  2. Hey Kori, can I have your address? I'm working on a project for Peter's 30th birthday that I would love for you and Jon to contribute to. You can email it to me at if you like. Thanks!