Friday, February 17, 2012

Random Catch-Up

I know, I know. I'm behind...again. (As my mom and others have lovingly pointed out.) Well get ready. Here's the first of several new posts to come.

Random cute pic of my boys!

 Last month we took a quick road trip to Austin. My friend Chris from college got married in the fall in Cabo. We hated to miss it, but were happy to attend the party they had in Austin for friends and family who couldn't attend the real deal. Chris has been such a wonderful friend to me. He helped me study for Latin in college (just the thought of that makes me cringe), came to my wedding in 2007 and drove to Dallas and back in the same day to attend Smith's funeral. I am so happy for you Chris and your beautiful bride. Hope to hang out the next time you're in Big D.

Gray had a blast at the hotel!

Pit-stop for gas and food.

Next on this random catch-up post is a few pics of Gray showing some Mizzou pride. Kay and Brandon bought this onesie for Smith while they were finishing up med school at Mizzou. I almost forgot about it, but got it out just in time. It still fits! Isn't he the cutest little Tiger?!

Finally, a few random bath shots. Love the big eye balls in this picture!

Sweet baby

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