Friday, February 17, 2012

Little Swimmer

January 25, Gray had his first swim lesson!!! We signed him up for a 17 week class. He goes once a week for 30 minutes and LOVES it! His first 2 classes he was a little unsure. He never cried, but clung to my arm and sported his fake smile the entire time. Now, he starts playing immediately when we get in the water, loves all the stations, "swimming" to me and going down the slide.

Here's my big boy in his swim pants before class

Jon came to the first class to watch Gray and take pictures. Such a great daddy!!!

The class begins with a few songs and then we rotate stations. Here we are at the play yard.

One of the songs we sing while the babies look at their fish mirrors and "practice" floating on their backs. We do all sorts of cool things to have fun in the water, stay safe in the water and learn how to swim. Gray is obviously in the beginners class, but even at his age they start teaching fundamentals. I LOVE it!!!!

All tuckered out after his first class. Swimming is hard work!

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