Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Kaufman Christmas Fun

The week before Christmas we had several Christmas family fun activities planned with our families. First on the list was a afternoon/evening in with my family. Everyone came to our house and the festivities began. We munched on yummy snacks while playing Christmas trivia games; General Christmas trivia, Christmas movie trivia and Christmas music trivia.  

Cole "won" the first round.

My dad won the second round and my mom won the last round (sadly I didn't get her pic)

Then we moved on to a family craft for my parents. We used our hand prints to make a Christmas tree! 

(Cole sneaking in our picture...such a boy!)

Then we sat down to eat yummy homemade potato soup and beer bread!

After the dishes were cleared and our hand prints were dry, we finished up our masterpiece by making finger print ornaments! Everyone was designated a color and then signed their name by their hand print. I think it turned out SO cute and most importantly, my parents LOVED it!!!!

We rounded out the evening with yummy hot chocolate and kids in their jammies. It was such a great day. I loved hosting my family at my house and spending time with some of my favorite people, who also happen to be my family. I'm a lucky girl!

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