Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mr. Gray: 4 months

Dear Gray,

Momma’s sorry for slacking on documenting your 4th month of life. Your 4 month check up wasn't until August 23rd so I was waiting to post your 4 month update until I had your new stats from the doctor, but that day came and went and still no update. Forgive me. I promise to do better so I don’t forget the many details of what you’re into, up to and how quickly you’re growing. One thing I haven’t forgotten is how much I LOVE you and how much I LOVE being your mom!!! You bring me so much joy and I am loving every minute of this crazy, wonderful ride of motherhood.

At 4 months you:


- Made it on the big baby charts!!! You no longer have to have your stats adjusted to your preemie age...wohooo!!!

-Met Jennifer from Baby Begin to learn stretches and new positioning to help with your neck and head. (We just wanted to get on top of a little flat spot and tilt we noticed developing with your sweet little head and neck…now your head is perfectly round and you’re holding your head up straight!!!)

-ROLLED OVER from your belly to your back! First to the right and then to the left a few days later

-Really discovered Bear!

-Got your first cold…poor baby. You had lots of snot working and a little cough, but you smiled right through it

Your 4-month social calendar:

-You had fun hanging out with the Daggett’s, Williford’s, Uncle Jared and Aunt Shan, Uncle Josh and Aunt Kim

-You spent the afternoon with Seth, Michelle and Katelyn. We met at Chick-Fil-e for lunch (too bad you couldn’t enjoy some chicken…it’s only a matter of time) and then hung at home. Katelyn napped and Seth and Michelle loved on you while we chatted.

-We celebrated Gogo’s Birthday

-You helped celebrate mom and dad’s 4th wedding anniversary

-You had your first “play” date with your new friend Asher

4 Month Report Card: 

Weight: 12 lbs 15 oz  -  10-15%
Height: 23.5  -  10%
Head: 15.5  -  3-5%

Physical Exam: Awesome weight gain A+

Development: Great cooing, smiling A+


  1. Tip: ECI (Early Childhood Intervention) is a free program that follows preemies up to age 3. They will make sure all development milestones are met and provide therapy in your home.