Monday, December 20, 2010

The Christmas Tree

Growing up, my family always went to Calloway's after Thanksgiving to pick out a real Christmas tree. We would usually argue over which tree to choose and struggle to get the tree from the car inside the house without scratching the walls or destroying the tree. With so many fond memories, I knew I wanted to carry on my family tradition. This Christmas, Jon and I picked out and decorated our 4th REAL Christmas tree. Although stress is always a bit high transporting and carrying the tree in every year, and next year we are definitely having it delivered, I love this family tradition!

Where is that perfect tree? Or Jon's focus: Where is the biggest tree we can fit in our house?

There's just something about walking into Calloway's and seeing all the beautiful trees and the smell that makes for the perfect start to the Christmas season!

Here's the lucky winner! We get a lightly flocked tree. We love that you can still see the green, but it looks like its been dusted with snow. (This is also my 12 week belly pic:)

Jon, ALL BY HIMSELF, got this 8-9 foot tree from the top of his car, into our house and set I held my breath! After the manual labor, his job is always to put the lights on the tree. He does a WONDERFUL job!!!!

I'm putting on the final touches.

And here's our little helper, if by helper I mean sneaking tissue paper out of my bins and ripping it up all over the floor! Even with the mess, he's still the cutest, furriest little helper in the world....Mr. Bear.

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