Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Six Months Ago

Six months ago, we said goodbye to our baby boy.

Six months ago today.

Six months ago, we had the privilege of holding our son for the first and last time.
Six months ago, we experienced more joy and pain than we knew was possible.
Six short and long months ago, a hole was created in our hearts that will never be refilled.

Six months ago today.

Six months ago, we talked to, prayed with, touched and kissed our first born child.
Six months ago, as I held my tiny baby (then just shy of 2 pounds) he opened his eyes and I officially introduced myself as his mommy face to face.
Six short and long months ago, we embraced the fleeting time we had to be with Smith as fiercely as we could.

Six month ago today.

Six months ago, we held our child tight in our arms as he slowly drifted away.
Six months ago, our precious boy was freed from all pain, struggle and discomfort.
Six short and long months ago, we said goodbye to our love, our child, our dream.

Six months ago today, He said hello to Jesus.

To Smith Randle Bailey, the love of our lives:

We love you so much and miss you every second of the day. You are thought about constantly and held dear to so many people. I'm so proud of the profound impact your short life made in this world. Your life and death were packed with purpose. Your life and death changed me and I will spend the rest of my life making sure I have been changed for the better. God has used your life, your death, being your mother and experiencing your devastating loss to teach me, guide me and move me. Please thank Him for me. And thank you for stretching me and challenging me and opening my heart to more love than I knew I could experience. You are a gift and a treasure. The greatest joy of my life was being your mom. I love you sweet baby boy.

With all my love,



  1. This is a heart-breaking, yet joyful post. Your words are precious and I never cease to be challenged by your faithful response to tragedy and loss. May Christ continue to overwhelm you with His love and peace.

  2. I'm so proud to call you my daughter and so proud to call Smith my grandson. What a profound gift both my daughters are to two grandsons, one future granddaughter and one future grandson or granddaughter!! Ya'll are what my life is all about!!! I Love You, Mom