Monday, November 29, 2010

Pregnancy Update

The Tuesday before Thanksgiving, Jon and I had our first appointment with our Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist. We first met Dr. Z when he came to check on Smith (still in my tummy) a few times at the hospital in April. We really liked him then and now that we've spent more time with him talking about our new little one...we LOVE him!!!! We had a GREAT appointment! Between his adorable sonographer and Dr. Z, we got to watch our little one hanging out and moving around on the big flat screen in their office for 20-30 minutes! We went home with regular sonogram pics, 3D pics and a DVD with LIVE regular and 3D footage!!!! What a precious gift!!!

We were so excited to spend so much time watching our little peanut that we almost forgot why we were there. So after some quality baby time, we got down to business discussing Dr. Z's plan for my pregnancy.

My Cerclage procedure will be done this Thursday, December 2 at 7AM!

At that time, my cervix will essentially be sewn shut. 90% of women who have this procedure successfully carry their babies anywhere from 32 weeks to full term. We like those odds! Our real goal is to make it to 36-37 weeks when my OBGYN will remove the stitch. When the stitch is removed, I could go into labor immediately or last a few more days or even weeks!

After the cerclage, I will be on strict bed rest for 1 week and then fairly sedentary for the remainder of my pregnancy. I can get up here and there and walk short distances, but no grocery store, no mall, no walking around the block unless I'm in a rad motor scooter or wheelchair. should be a wild ride (literally)...but it's WORTH IT!!!!

Jon and I would truly appreciate your prayers on Thursday for a successful procedure. Prayer that the stitch is nice and tight and it will hold our little one in until it's safe for him or her to make their entrance into this world. It probably wouldn't hurt to throw in a prayer or two for my hardheadedness and Jon's survival! Haha!!!

Thank you so much for your treasured prayers and support. Check back in with me soon. I will be bringing you regular updates from now on because frankly... I won't have much else to do:)

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  1. lots of prayers and i will surely be making a house call before we depart for Paris !!!! so much happiness for you and soooo many prayers