Monday, September 20, 2010


***I've tried to finish this post for a few weeks now. It's been more difficult than I anticipated, so I'm just going to post it as is. I hope you enjoy getting to know a little more about our sweet baby boy:)

This post is all about Smith Randle Bailey and the joy he brought into our lives.

I know I've expressed my roller coaster of emotions and provided a window into my suffering, but I also want to express my gratitude. I am so grateful the Lord blessed us with 12 days to learn and love our son.

Here are a few things we grew to learn & LOVE about our Smith:

*He was strong!

*He was described as scrappy by the nurses.

*He did not like being messed with.

*He was so perfectly and beautifully whole.

*He liked his peace and quiet. When one of the babies near him would get upset and cry, his blood pressure would rise.

*He had the world's cutest little feet!!! They were tiny of course, and they looked just like his daddy's!!!
*He had long eyelashes and a perfect button nose.

*He moved his tongue a lot and seemed to really enjoy getting as much colostrum off the soaked Q-tip they rubbed in his mouth as he could.

*He had shiny dark hair.

*He didn't mind sporting a little jewelry. (Smith fashioning Jon's wedding ring as a bracelet.)

*He had a good grip...holding onto my finger each day.

*He had the sweetest eyes. They were closed for the first 4 days, but on May 3, he opened them! We were so excited to see him with his eyes open, checking out the world for the first time. I loved to talk to him and try to get his attention when his eyes were open. There was something so pure and deep about his gaze.

*I think he would have been a soccer player. He loved to kick his skinny legs!
*He had the tiniest little tush. I would have liked to see more meat on that booty!

*He always had good tee-tee and poopy diapers.

*He was precious.

*He was a fighter.

*He was brave.

He was, is and will always be our son. We love you Smith Randle Bailey. We were so honored to be your parents. We miss you terribly and wish more than anything you were home with us, safe in our arms. But today, we are thankful that you are safe in the arms of our Lord Jesus Christ! You are home with Him. Safe. Whole & free of pain.


  1. absolutely beautiful post, and here is something we all learned about Smith Randle Bailey... He has the most loving, adoring, strong, parents whose faith and hope in Christ continues to shine even in the darkest of times.

  2. I am so sorry for your loss. What a beautiful bittersweet story.