Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Favorite Christmas Gift!

Baby Bailey is scheduled to arrive August 20, 2010!!! More details to come...


  1. CONGRATS, KORI! That baby is in for a lot of love :) How exciting!

  2. Aww girl! I just asked Nancy on Sunday if ya'll were trying. Congrats!


    Seriously!!!! SOOOOOO EXCITING!!!

    I can not wait to hear more details!!!!!!!! And you are going to be sooo cute with a little tummy! okay now post more details or email me!

    So happy for yall!!

  4. YYYYYYYAAAAAYYYY - and HELLLOOOOO why wasn't this added into our last chain of emails... so thrilled, so so so happy, as I am sure that your families are TOOOO.... makes sense why you wanted to go 'green' ;) feel free to hit me up with questions.... YAY Kori with a baby bump

  5. Kori this is Lauren Curry (new last name Steiner) I have been trying to reconnect with you forever, and I happened to come across your blog! Many congrats and blessings to you and Jon on your upcoming addition. :)

    Please email me as I would love to catch up with you and I don't think I have your latest number. laurencurry82@hotmail.com

    You look fabulous!!! (as always) :)

  6. SO excited for you guys!
    Becoming parents is the one of the greatest things you will ever experience.
    Hope you are feeling well Kori!

  7. My names Krista Pitre and i'm only 16, and i lost my babyboy april 2 2010, and even as a teenager with not much experience in life, felt all the same feelings as you when loosing my baby. reading this broke my heart. august 30th was my due date, and instead of seeing is beautiful eyes open for the first time, i went to his grave and visited is dad in jail. Rest in peace, Kameron and your baby and any other baby that god is watching over.